An Initiative of the City of Akron
International Hub of BioMedical InnovationThe Akron BioMedical Corridor is a synergistic collection of companies and organizations that are leaders in the fields of biomedicine and biomaterials. Through collaboration with the City of Akron, the Akron BioMedical Corridor attracts companies, both domestic and international, to bring their expertise and technology to the area, while assisting them in expanding their presence in the North American market.
28 Dec. 2015Trip to China for CIRI Conference Creates OpportunityAkron BioMedical Corridor recently visited Qingdao, China for the China (Qingdao) International Rubber Industry Exposition 2015.Read More
28 Dec. 2015Global IT Event in Finland Success for AkronBob Anthony visited Helsinki, Finland in mid-November for 2015 SLUSH, a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, students and festival organizers. Read More
28 Dec. 2015Recent Hospital Studies Proven SuccessfulIn the last several months, two different Finnish companies have visited Akron to conduct studies at local hospitals.Read More