An Initiative of the City of Akron

Note: Also include an electronic version of an Executive Summary with your Application that anwsers all the questions in the Executive Summary Requirements below.

If yes, where:

*ABF II Funding is only available to businesses located in the City of Akron area. By selecting yes, you confirm you are either currenlty located in the City of Akron or will agree to relocate here as needed.

I understand that this ABF II Application for Funding is subject to all the attached Terms and Conditions. I have read those Terms and Conditions, and I agreee to all of them. I represent and warrant that I have the authority to bind the company applicant in this regard.

Akron Bioinvestments Fund II (ABF II) Application for Funding: Executive Summary Requirements

The Executive Summary must address all points listed below, preferable in the order listed. No more than three pages please.

  1. Business Overview (summary of investment opportunity)
  2. Product and/or Services
    1. Product/service description
    2. Customer problem/market need company
    3. Value proposition (explain company’s uniqueness and sustainable competitive advantage)
    4. Current or future competitors (include product and strategy description)
  3. Market Description
    1. Describe the target market and target customers (size and growth rate)
  4. Go-to-Market Plan
    1. Distribution Channels
    2. Sales strategies
  5. Management Team
    1. Advisory Board members and their backgrounds
    2. Senior managers and relevant skills and experience
    3. Gaps or skill sets needed to go forward
  6. Intellectual Property (domestic and international)
  7. Ownership and Control
    1. Board of Directors
    2. Capitalization table (owners and percentages)
  8. Regulatory and Reimbursement Status and Strategy
    1. FDA,UL, FCC, etc.
    2. CMS, etc.
  9. Capital Requirements
    1. Funds already invested (all sources)
    2. Current capital needs
    3. Pre-money valuation of the company* (in terms of current offerings)
    4. Projected use of funds e. Future financing plans
    5. Exit Strategy
  10. Summary of Financial Information with Key Assumption

*Pre-money valuation is the value of the company immediately before the new investment is made to help determine how much of the company can be purchased with the new investment. For example, if the new investors are going to acquire 25% of the company for $200,000, then the pre-money valuation is $600,000 and the post-money valuation is $800,000.

Terms and Conditions for Akron Bioinvestments II (ABFII) Application for Funding

ABF II Company is an Ohio limited liability company. The Company’s purpose is to invest in securities and to take all such actions as the Board of managers determines necessary or advisable from time to time related to the purchase, sale, ownership, management and disposition of such securities in accordance with the Company’s Investment Policy.

This application does not constitute the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities.

The Company does not give any assurance or guarantee that any prospective company applicant will receive funding from the Company

The Company does not enter into confidentiality agreements with any company applicant or undertake any legal obligation of confidentiality. Company applicants are cautioned to take this into account in deciding what information to supply to the Company.

By signing the ABF II Application for Funding, the company applicant agree to hold harmless the Company and the Company’s officers, committee members, independent contractors, affiliates and collaborators, from and and all claims of any kind arising out of any participation with the Company.