An Initiative of the City of Akron

Skilled Workforce and Intern Base


Continued Education

The Akron BioMedical Corridor is comprised of 20,000 talented biomedical professionals: researchers, engineers, scientists, lab assistants, medical technicians and more. People who are committed to advancing the biomedical industry in an effort to improve healthcare diagnosis, monitoring and therapy around the globe.

And that number continues to grow thanks, in part, to our area's strong academic and clinical program base. Today, we have 13 colleges and universities within commuting distance and 32 others within a 50-mile radius - more than any other region besides New York -  giving us continual access to high-quality, low-cost interns and recent graduates. These students have the knowledge and skills, and are searching for valuable experience. Experience that can lead to a lasting career in the biomedical field - and possibly within your company.

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  • 35,000 in Akron area employed by approx. 400 polymer-related companies
  • Northeast Ohio (NEO) market employs more than 230,000 health care and bioscience workers
  • Region experienced 86% increase in health care and bioscience workers (2004-2008)
  • In 2008, 1,650 graduated from NEO programs relevant to cardiovascular medical device manufacturing
  • Ohio's medical and laboratory technicians average employment costs are 17% less than the national average
  • Ohio has 2x the medical and laboratory technicians as the national average