An Initiative of the City of Akron

The Akron Advantage

The Akron BioMedical Corridor is an "Innovation District" created by the City of Akron to attract, assist and house biomedical companies in product research, development, marketing and manufacturing.

The three anchor medical systems in the district employ more than 19,000 professionals. The combined outpatient visits total more than 1.9 million each year. This unique geographic location offers new businesses exciting opportunities for strategically located development sites as they work to advance innovative biomedical technologies, products and services, as well as conduct clinical tests and preliminary test marketing.

Akron Means Business

Greater Akron's economic business climate is ideal for growing businesses. It is the home of more than 21,000 businesses, including more than 150 Fortune 500 companies. With a population of close to 650,000 in the metropolitan area, Akron is one of the largest cities in Ohio. The city lies within 500 miles of 42 major cities, including more than half of all manufacturing plants and nearly 60 percent of the U.S. population - and its buying power.

The Akron BioMedical Corridor offers a great deal of assistance to businesses currently in the region and companies looking to locate here. Partners include: the Akron Global Business Accelerator, BioEnterprise, Jump Start, the City of Akron, the Greater Akron Chamber, Summit County, the Akron ARCHAngels and NEOMED.

The City of Akron's Economic Development Department also can provide new businesses with financial assistance such as tax incentives, grant and loan programs, and access to other funding sources. The City has recently established its own Akron BioInvestment Funds to support appropriate innovative companies. It also offers all the relocation, market and business development support they need to succeed.

Specific areas of support include:

• Assisting in market research, analysis and assessment
• Developing strategic market and business plans
• Identifying potential strategic partners and customers
• Understanding of incentives and investment sources
• Providing access to funding and capital sources
• Locating low-cost and high-quality facilities
• Recruiting key personnel

In short, if you are an innovative biomedical company looking to expand, please give us a call.

We are certain we can help you succeed!

For more information, contact the concierge team on  330-375-2471 or email